NOTE! The password to the student area should be removed, but if you still see a password prompt, the password is courtesy.


Time to register!! Please call the recreation center where you attend classes or go to to register for classes! Classes start January 17th, 2017 (no class on Monday the 16th because of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day)

New requirements sheets available! In the Student Area of the website, testing requirement sheets are now available all the way up to black belt! Testing requirements for green belt and up have also changed to add more Korean counting. By black belt you should know how to count from 1-100.

Other notices:

See the design of hoodies and t-shirts that are currently available by visiting the store section.

How to tie your belt
An instructional video by Mrs. Ann Harms

Family Moo Do Academy Student Handbook now available!

In this handbook you will find: Taekwondo vocabulary, etiquette, the tenets of Taekwondo, Korean counting, basic techniques, information on all the flags, and written instructions for all forms. You may download it and print it out if you would like to have a hard copy. (If you don't have a means of printing it, ask one of your instructors.)

Click here for handbook

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Master Boyle

Grandmaster Anthony Boyle, 8th Dan

Grandmaster Master Boyle has well over 35 years of teaching experience. For a full listing of his credentials, click here.

To view some of Grandmaster Boyle's black belt students and teaching assistants, click the link below.
black belts